This sketchbook was the result of my research within the “Disobedient Bodies” program at UAL CSM.
During the development of this collection I had the opportunity to visit the Balenciaga archive, which strongly influenced my design process.

I analyzed and applyed technical concepts courced from inspecting Balenciaga’s pieces inside-out. My first step into this understanding started
by recreating a replica of one of the given house pieces - I built the pattern through oversving the garment and intuitively draping on a stand,
without any measurements given.

What I learnt from the Balenciaga archive moved me to study the following concept:

“Erasing the seams - a contious shape that cocoons the body”


Developed within the “Disobedient Bodies” Program by BIAAF at UAL CSM
Ideas of vulnerability, isolation and protection merge from mundane elements such as “bed” or “house” and, on a more elevated level, “faith”.